Our Mission

The mission of the Maine Volunteer Lawyers Project is to increase access to justice in Maine through volunteer  engagement. To achieve this end, the VLP acts as a nexus, connecting pro bono attorneys and individuals with civil legal issues who cannot a.ord attorneys. Volunteers are involved in every stage - from intake to strategic planning.


Who We Are

In 1983, Pine Tree Legal Assistance partnered with the Maine Bar Foundation to create a project dedicated to engaging volunteers in providing civil legal aid.
Housed within Pine Tree, the VLP has more than 760 students, attorneys, and community members volunteering each year and it generates more than $1 million dollars annually in volunteer services.
The VLP has a small staff that recruits, trains, manages, and supports volunteers. In most VLP cases, the legal assistance is provided by pro bono attorney volunteers.
Student and community volunteers conduct intake interviews, provide legal information, organize clinics, and help develp new service projects.

Our Funding

Thanks to the generosity of our funders, our services are free of charge to lowincome Mainers.

We are pleased to thank the following funders:

Maine Bar Foundation
Legal Services Corporation
Maine Civil Legal Services Fund
Campaign for Justice
For information on how you can support access to justice with a donation to the
VLP, visit our Support Us.